Do I need to provide a purchase order?
Purchase orders are not required unless they are required by your company.  Once we receive your order we will provide an Order Acknowledgement for you to approve before the order is processed.

What type of artwork do I need to provide?
Vector, camera-ready artwork is required.  A description of vector art is below.  Artwork may be sent via e-mail to prior to production. If you cannot supply camera-ready artwork, our graphic department will prepare the required artwork at a quoted hourly rate. Vector images use x and y coordinates to create shapes with points and lines, making it possible to zoom way in or scale way up without sacrificing image quality. The following file types are often, but not always, vector-based: .ai .cdr .eps .pdf

Raster images are better known as bitmap images. Bitmap images use a grid of individual pixels, each of which can be a different color or shade. The file types are always raster-based: jpg .gif .png .tif .bmp

Sometimes these file types are raster or a combination of vector and raster.  Note: Changing the file name to an .eps extension does not change the file type.

What about set-up charges?
Most items have a set up charge based on production method and quantities. However on screen printed shirts the set is generally waived with a low minimum of 12 pieces. 

What about proofs?
Email proofs are provided on each item, upon request. Product proofs may be available for certain items.

How long will it take to receive my order?
While 2 weeks is standard we have been known to do our share of 24 hour orders.   Please be as specific as possible with event dates to insure products will arrive on time. Once a time is quoted it is based on actual working days(Monday through Friday, excluding holidays).

What if I need a rush order?
We may be able to accommodate rush items based on availability from the manufacturer. There may be an additional cost for rush orders and additional costs for next day shipping.

May I order less than the minimum quantity?
Some products may be ordered in less than minimum quantities for an additional charge.

Do you ever have over-runs or under-runs?
Due to automated high-speed production equipment it is industry standard practice to ship an under or over-run of 10% on certain items. Invoices will reflect the actual quantity shipped.  If exact quantity is needed please specify on order and each order will be priced accordingly.

Do you ever make item substitutions?
Sometimes items may be discontinued and unavailable. Every attempt will be made to locate a comparable item. If necessary to substitute, we will contact you to make the final decision.

What about shipping costs?
All of our products are shipped FOB from their respective manufacturers. The shipping costs involved vary depending on the time frame you require for delivery of your order and the level of service you choose. We will ship FedEx, UPS or Truck for the most economical way to meet your required date.

Will I be charged sales tax? 
Ohio sales tax will be added at a rate of 6.75% to all orders shipped to an Ohio address when applicable. If your organization is tax exempt and a valid tax exemption number is provided at the time of placing the order, then you will NOT be assessed sales tax. Kentucky and Indiana tax will be charged accordingly.  Orders billed to all other states are accountable for paying their own sales tax.

What are the payment terms?
Orders will not be processed until we have credit approved your company or we have received payment in full.  Cash, check, VISA, MasterCard or money orders are acceptable for payment. Customers requesting credit terms must provide credit information and be approved prior to processing of the order.



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